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next pheasants you get...leave the skin on.


1 quart balsamic vinegar
1 cup kosher salt (cuz its real powdery)
1 bottle maple syrup 24 oz
1 bottle honey 12oz
water to make up the rest of liquid up to a quart

boil brine for 1/2 hour
cool it to room temp put a trash bag in a roaster drop about 3 whole pheasants skin on. draw bag tight sothe brine covers all pheasant and tie it shut.

soak in fridge for 24 hours.

drain brine off pheasts and pop a 1/4 tart apple and a 1/4 med yellow onion in each cavity...might be a tight fit. strip breast skin away from flesh and wok butter coated finger under skin and place a sprig or two of rosemary in there as well.

put pheasants on a bed of chopped celery and baby carrots pour in a couple cups of water. bake at 325. uncover after 45 minutes check em with a meat thermometer at 1 hour if they are not yet done give them another 15 minutes if they are still not done..(congrats on those huge birds you recover so skin doesnt dry out any more and keep checking every 15 minutes till done.

melts in your mouth!
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