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Broke out the .410 yesterday...

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I've been trying to show some attention to a few of my guns which don't see as much use as they probably should. I broke out a single shot stevens .410 yesterday that I got from my Grandfather. We had a warm front come through over the week end and with temps getting up in the high 60's I thought it'd be a good time to go for a walk and see what I could kick up. Still hunted through a pine stand and flushed some quail, The birds were a little too quick and I was a little too slow to get the hammer back. Checked out a hardwood stand adjacent to a field were I killed a doe during bow season, found part of my arrow that the deer broke off when she ran through before collapsing. Too bad it wasn't the part of the arrow with the broadhead on it. (those things are about five bucks apiece). Sat down and drank a bottle of water and ate a pack of peanut butter and crackers. Noticed a squirrel sunning himself on a limb. Dropped him and sat back down. Pretty soon another one came scratching through the leaves looking for something to eat. I added him to the first one. As I was walking down the ridge I blew the chance at a large orange fox squirrel with a larger than normal white mask on his face but was able to add another grey to the first two. The day was winding down and I wanted to check another field for deer that might be using it in the evenings. I was slipping though some think stuff along the edge and kicked up a rabbit that ran down hill about twenty yards and stopped (bad move on the bunnie's part) and with another 2 1/2" #6 I had the main course to another meal. With three bushytails and a bonus bunny I headed to the house. A day like that sure beat the heck out of cleaning out the gutters and taking down the Christmas lights. :)

Frog :D
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Very true lawdog, seems to be the same with deer rifles as well. I've had 2 side by side 410s for a number of years one with rabbit ears the other hammerless. More swamp rabbits fell to the 2 1/2" #6 than any other gauge I own. It just seemed to tear them up less than my 20s,16s and 12s. Now that I think of it I never had a swamper run more than one hop after being hit by the 410. Brings back som memories frog123, I guess that's what's most important about hunting, the memories.
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