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Brown Laminate Stock Encore

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I bought the brown laminted stock from boyd brothers and have had no problems so far. My stainless gun looks great with them. Sold my walnut stocks for about 110.00 on ebay, paid 120.00 for the new ones. Pretty solid 10.00 investment I think. I got the buttstock, and 2 forearms (rifle and ML) took about 2 weeks to get them. I think these are the same stocks that T/C is using for the Whitetail Clasic model. Pete
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forend question

I have regular .308 and 45/70 and a heavy barrel in the .223. Do you need different forends for the regular barrel and the heavy barrel with these laminate stocks?

I agree--the kick is nasty and it should be offered in the heavy barrel. With that big hole, the regular barrel is so light you would think it was made from aluminum! I loaded up what I thought was some light loads and went to the range. After about 8-9 rounds, it didn't seem to be hurting too bad--but when I leaned back in the chair and lowered my right arm to my side I heard/felt a small thunk as my shoulder popped back into place. Going to have to get a PAST pad before I work up stouter loads.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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