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I have found for sale a Browning 1885 BPCR in 45/70. Anybody shoot smokeless in there's? If so, what data do you use? Trapdoor,Marlin or Ruger #1. I want to know how hot these can be loaded. Also what do they weigh? I am looking at this rifle for a backpack hunt and thinking it would be easier to maintain with smokeless than blackpowder while in the mountains.

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Hauling a BPCR up a slope would be possible only for a very large fit teenager using a sling. Your arms and hands would give out quick. They are even clumsy to get in and out of a safe without dinging something.
As far as strength goes the Browning 1885 standard model was chambered for the 7MM magnum. I suspect the BPCR used the same steel for the receiver. The 45/70 is probably limited only by the brass, the strength of the butt stock and the shooter. I have shot a 45/70 bolt gun with 50 grains of 3031 and a 510 jacketed soft point. From the appearance of the primer the pressure was still low (for a bolt gun)!! However recoil was grim.
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