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Browning Boss system question.

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A freind just picked one up and it came equiped wit the boss included, now I have heard that you do not want to hunt with this because of the noise that this produces. What is your take on this. It is a 300 win mag if that helps at all. It says not to remove on the web sight. Thanks in advance friends. Britt
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I have one in the Winchester M70 Classic Stainless. It's a great feature - accuracy can become superb and recoil is reduced, but, like a muzzle brake, it can be loud.

If your friend can't stand the added muzzle blast, then there used to be available (if there still is) a "BOSS" system without the holes. In this manner, you can still tune your loads without the added muzzle blast.

BOSS System

I have one on a 25-06 - It works and in the field I don't think it is a big concern. The attachment noted above is called the CR or conventional recoil device and it is a BOSS with out holes. I always ended up concluing the regular boss was more accurate on my rifle.
A freind has one in 300 win mag, Loves it. KN
You can order the CR from Browning for $18.00 or so. You just screw the muzzle brake portion off the boss and screw the CR on. The CR is the same lenght and everything as the muzzle brake, it just doesn't have the holes. You don't even have to change the setting of the boss, but you would be wise to check your zero after the change.
Let me clarify my last post.

The BOSS consists of 2 parts, a harmonic balancer and a muzzle brake. The harmonic balancer is the part that you adjust to control vibrations in the barrel. This is not removed. The muzzle brake is screwed into the harmonic balancer. You unscrew the muzzle brake from the boss and replace with the CR.
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