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Bullet jump ?

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do you fellers seat your bullet to touch the lands in your contender and encore? i usually do, but my super 14 6tcu has a long throat. i cannot seat a 80gr bullet out to even get close to the lands. how far off the lands do youins seat your bullet? i'm .100" off and that is a considerable jump. havn't shot em yet and just wondering if i can get it to shoot like that.
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I got Billys Marrs 6mm TCU barrel and I shoot mostly 107 or 95 grain bullets. I got 2000 rounds of Sierras 80 grain boat tail on an good deal. I cannot began to get to boat tails even close to the rifling. But I am getting great groups never the less. I group the 80 grains just as good if not better than the heavier bullets. I think you may be asking to much of the 80 grains to touch the rifling. I will wait for more experienced folks to answer your post. Then we can both leard something
uhh, uhhh, uhhhh, the checks in the mail, yeah, the checks in the mail. unless it gets lost or somethin. :-D
don't know about the range havn't been since just before KY. gun season. i'd guess it's a mess. boy, i need to go shoot this 6tcu.
i'll get there some time if i have to slip on the ol gum boots. maybe we can get together there again sometime. sure is a hoot. :D

thank you fellers for easin my mind. stuff like that worries the life outta me. i'd just always heard best accuracy was achieved with em close to the lands and thats what i always done. but now i've learned lotsa people get good accuracy with em out a ways too. hey, i'm slow but i'm a learnin. :D
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