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Bushnell Elite 3200

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Bushnell Elite 3200

Sure I have some of them. What did you want to know?

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Bushnell Elite 3200


I own a Bushnell3200 Elite on my Savage 110L 30-06. What does the "Fast-focus" feature supposed to give you? When installing it, I didn't notice any big difference compared to other scopes when setting it up??Also, I noticed that the cross hairs seem to be almost "illuminated" in dim light . I haven't used it in the woods yet.
Bushnell Elite 3200

Trapper Mike,
You stated only 20 rounds were fired when the scope failed. What was the scope mounting and caliber, and did you do the mounting? What was the nature of the failure on the 3200 Elite? How long did you own it? Did you purchase the scope where it could be returned for a refund or exchange?

I would think that a call to Bushnell would have brought some action from them, considering that hunting season was approaching and you were in a bind. I have talked to them and found their customer service to be excellent. The product line is top quality. I dare say that it wouldn't hurt to write them a letter or e-mail spelling it all out and see if they would do something for you. Perhaps an exchange for the top of the line 4200 Elite might be offered??? Can't hurt to ask.
savageT :roll:
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