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I'm 51, born and raised in south central Kentucky, I grew up on the farm that's been in the family since well before the Civil War. In '73 I enlisted in the US Army, I flew helicoptors for 20 years. When I retired I thought that motorcycle mechanicing would be an enjoyable part time job for a retired aviator, so my wife and I both graduated from MMI in Phoenix. Instead of part time mechanicing, we moved back to the old home place and started farming. We have a hundred cow milking herd, raise all of our own calves, and grow our on feeds and forages. We have four kids, all young enough when we moved back that they now consider themselves as Kentuckians.
I can't remember not having a gun. Hubley, then I graduated to the Matel Shoot'n Shell, pistol, lever rifle and derringer. (If only I still that that 3 some now! ) I had one of the Daisy six shooter BB guns, another I wish I still had, but since I'm not a collector, every gun I've ever had has been one I use, that's why I buy them. I've packed some fair sized pieces at times: Pair of GE electric short guns, 20mm Gatling fot longer range, a 2.75 sxs with rocket powered pellets and a wire guided single shot.
I love shooting black powder! Once back in 84 I even shot in a bowling pin shoot with a pair of Walker replicas, I didn't win! I did have a good time trying. My children are all shooters, the youngest keeps saying that he's better than the old man now (probably is), but is still afraid to put his money where his mouth is.
I'm starting on my third year of Cowboy Action Shooting, sometimes the kids go, most of the time not, but I have a great time getting to shoot with the other folks kids now. It does my old heart good to see the quality of upbringing these kids in shooting sports seem to have compared to many others.
Just over a year ago, I got my first 45-70, best entertainment investment I've ever made! I'm working toward Black Powder and 3/4 mile, I don't expect to reach that goal, but I'm having one **** of a good time working for it.

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Opps Butler... I just discovered I failed to say "howdy" on the intro. forum here.... been talking via PM, but no reply here... Hope your weather is letting up... here in Indiana, we are getting "spanked"...
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