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This was passed on to me at I think it is a great idea. So here is my addition to Ol' ***** Tricks.

Used to make them by:
Mon Dec 9 10:56:06 2002

Taking a piece of saddle leather and fitting it to the buttstock with whangs of the same leather laced thru punch outs in the bottom of the leather (along the bottom luine of the buttstock). THEN taking a pre-made belt holder for rifle cartridges and gluing it to the side of the leather already on the firearm. (Make it long enough so it covers the entire butt to allow you to avoid face burn from the leather's edge in recoil.)

Then you take it off the gun and sew the two together with white nylon the placement is perfect and it will not shift. You can even soak it is alcohol and place it back on the gun before boining it with a toothbush handle to make it fit exactly and tightly.

You can make it with ot without a buttcover...;article=4010;date_query=1039456109

By the way I requested this forum. For some reason I couldn't log on so I went with Guest. I am not very computer literate. But if you want me to be a moderator I would be willing to give it a shot. So what do I do?
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