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I'm interested in getting into this sport. I've begun to look at new 22 small bore silhouette rifles. Would this forum advise in ranked order the most popular 22's and scopes and WHY?

Is there any extra equipment needed besides cleaning supplies?

I'm in the Harrisburg, Pa area. Just east of Hershy. Are there many matches in this area?

Thanx for your help in advance for a newbie Silhouette shooter...

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the most popular rifleas are Anschutz and Remington, I dont think that a new shooter needs to go into an expensive equipment, although if you an afford it then why not?
Bruno (or CZ) rifles are known for the very good accuracy and they are in the $400 US range. As to the scope I like B&L 4200, it is cheaper than Leopolds and has probably better tracking (which is important in silhouette)
You can visit my site and go to "new to silhouette" heading, if you need more question answered just give me a note

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for hunter class:
Anschutz 1700 series $900 and up
Sako Finnfire $600 and up
Remington $300 and up
CZ $300 and up
Kimber $700 and up

Anschutz is a known entity, most of the best shooters are using them. The Sako is of like quality and becoming more popular. Remington has been around a long time, fast locktime, lousy off-hand stock. CZ is very popular because it is good quality for the money. Good little shooter. Kimber is a nice rifle but hasn't really caught on. Too many little problems with too many other rifles without those little problems competeting. Still, you see a few of them on the line.
Keep in mind that the new rules are quite lax and really allow us to have a light standard rifle. As long as it looks like a hunter rifle, has a 2lb trigger pull, has a tapered barrel, and weighs 8.5 pounds or less you are okay.

Standard Rifle:
Anschutz 1800 Series as an out of the box rifle
most any action/barrel/stock combination that you can think of.
Many folks are using their hunter rifle for both classes.

Leupold: most popular, most expensive, questionable tracking, good clarity and brightness
Bushnell: less popular, much less expensive, good tracking, wonderful clarity and brightness. they are abit heavy.
Sightron: less popular, much less expensive, excellent tracking, mediocre clarity and brightness, a couple of ounces heavier than the Leupold.
Lots of others being used but those seem to be the most popular.
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