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CA 22 mag.

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One of the CZ brand bolt action 22 mag.s has caught my eye at my regular gun dealer. I was wondering if anyone who may own one can contribute their opinion as to how the gun shoots etc.
I might also add that I bought a Ruger Model 96 a few months ago also in .22 mag. I added a new Burris compact scope and after trying every brand of ammo I can get my hands on it still won't shoot for schmitt.
I'd pose the same question about it, does anyone own one and does anyone have suggestions of what else I might try to get this puppy to group. Presently it rarely does better than 2 - 2.5 " at 50 yds. off sandbags.
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I have no experience with the magnum version but the 452 in 22 lr is an astoundingly accurate weapon. I bought 3, 1 for me and each of the kids. I worked on the trigger a bit, put on a 6x18 redfield and went to the range. It shot several brands of ammo into less than an inch at 100 yards!!!! The best was Remington's Subsonic Hollowpoint ammo. Most groups(as long as I did my part) were under an inch. Great rifles, made of steel and walnut. Bought 2 527's, 1 a 22 Hornet the other a 223 rem. Both fullstock versions and both great shooters with most of the loads tried. This seems to be the pattern for all these rifles from those I've spoken with. Good luck from the gunnut69
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