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California Million Mom March Making Progress on Anti-Crime Bills; At Lobby Day Will Urge Legislators, Governor To Turn Bills Into Law

The California members of Million Mom March chapters throughout the state will lobby legislators in Sacramento on Monday, June 6. The activists will honor State Senator Joe Dunn and Assembly member Mark Ridley-Thomas, then spend the day talking with legislators about these two groundbreaking anti- crime bills.

On June 2 the California Million Mom March achieved an important victory with passage of its two top priority bills in their respective houses of the legislature. The two bills will give police the evidence they need to capture criminals who use handguns to commit murders and other crimes.

Griffin Dix said, "It's simple. Do we want to catch murderers or not? Law enforcement officers are demanding these new crime- fighting tools to help them catch many more criminals who use handguns. In almost half of California murders no arrest is made because of lack of evidence. Two-thirds of California's 2,400 murders per year are committed with handguns. If these proposals become law, police will get the tools they are demanding and Californians will be safer."

WHAT: California MMM Lobby Day

WHEN: Beginning at 10 a.m. Monday, June 6

WHERE: Legislative Office Bldg. 100 (1020 "N" Street), Sacramento, Calif.

About the Bills

SB 357 (Sen. Dunn) - Ammo Serialization. SB 357 would require that all handgun ammunition possessed outside the home in California have serial numbers that will help lead police to the purchaser of the ammunition. When someone buys a box of bullets the bar code and the buyers' identification will be entered into a state Justice Department database. Serialized bullets recovered at crime scenes will help police track the ammunition.

AB 352 (Assemblymember Koretz) Microstamping. AB 352 will help police identify who bought handguns used in crimes. The bill requires that, beginning in 2007, all new semiautomatic handguns sold in California must be equipped with a "microstamping" system. When the gun is fired, the bullet casing will be automatically inscribed with the firearm's serial number. The data on the gun is stored in an existing state Justice Department database.

*FW Note:

California, Californians, and their elected representatives are not renowned for their common sense. The result of these bills, if put into effect, will be that honest merchants will be forced out of business, and honest citizens will be taxed and rendered nearly defenseless because the cost of manufacturing arms and ammunition will be prohibitively high.

But then, that's probably the plan. If the cost of production is too high, it won't be made. If the purchase price is too high, it won't be bought.

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