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OK, I`m also guilty of cold hands. Most of the time here in Okla, you would be hunting in a T-shirt during black powder and most of Deer rifle season. But, then again sometimes not. Like Will Rogers is famous for saying (If you don`t like Oklahoma weather, just hang around, it will change).
Well these Cabela`s Gore-Tex/ Thinsulate Mittens,work extremley well during cold weather.
Here what they have to say: (A generous filling of 300-gram Thinsulate Insulate unbelievable warmth without the weight. Articulate allow for a full range of movement and an even insert of waterproof, wind-proof Gore-Tex keep dry, yet breathes to eliminate that clammy feeling hands. All this is covered by a durable nylon outer of tanned and cowhide on the palm and thumb give the longer life and provides a sure grip. Knit cuffs, elastic and adjustable wrist strap let you customize. Weather-proff.

These gloves did do what they advertized, and not one time did my hands ever get cold during the -12 degress weather. If I was working outside cutting wood in them, then yes my hands would sweat, and then get clammy feeling. But for the tower stand, deer hunting, they worked great.

bullet maker :D
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