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Cabella's Blue Ridge .32 Flinter?

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Is anyone familiar with this rifle? I've allways wanted a squirrel rifle in flintlock. Any pros or cons would be welcome. I've never owned a flintlock only percussion, but I would think that an inexpensive lock on a flintlock might be less than dependable, what ya think? RR
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:D I have a nice .32 that was made by Traditions,and its a flinter also. I really like it a lot,and its a joy to shoot. Sometimes I think its more fun than some of my big bores. Dont know much about that lock,and I dont know who makes it fer Cabalas so im not much help there. Everyone that has one of these little flinters hangs on to em though! King
This is actually a Pedersoli rifle that they sell as their "Frontier" model. Cabelas sells it under their own name for quite a bit less. I don't know that that there is any difference unless the wood in the Pedersoli rifle is better and I doubt that is the case. I don't own one but have read a lot of favorable comments about it. I think the lock works fine. I'd rather see it browned to match the barrel than the case hardened finisih they use but that could be done too. I've been tempted to get one as the price is definitely right . There's a Cabelas store about 90 miles from me and the next time I stop there, I'm going to look at it. Also you can expect far better service from Cabelas than at least one of the Pedersoli dealers I've done business with.
Bridger, I'd appreciate ya letting me know what ya think about that rifle, I haven't found anything even close in price to that, and most companies like Lyman don't list any flinters under .50 caliber. Do they use walnut for the stock? Thanks RR
It is a walnut stock although probably very straight grained with little figure. This is a fairly basic rifle with out either a nose cap or entry pipe. Pedersoli makes good products and I doubt you'd be disappointed. Good luck
One last question on that Cabella's flinter, I see by the add that it has a 1:48 isn't that a bit fast for rb? RR
Cabella's Blue Ridge flinter

I beleive that the 1 in 48 for the 32 is a slow twist as if you use the Grinhill formula ...150x.32x.32/48 =.32 or shorter bullet that will be stablelized by that twist ...its too slow for maxie's only round balls
:D Riverrunner That twist (1:48) is great for that little .32. As the rb gets bigger,the twist gets slower. I have two (2) .32 calibers and they both have that twist in them. Sometimes I wonder if it should be a little faster,but then again it does make em shoot extremily well. jrdavis,hit that one on the head fer sure. I have never used that formula for any of my guns,but then again I purchase what the company is making at the present time. I had one of the guys who shoots rb a lot out of his .58,and he was talking about getting a bbl that had a 1:104 twist in it.,for better accuracy. The way this guys shoots,it would be scary if he could hit any better. That formula gives you something to think about when purchasing a mz in a part. caliber. It will fer sure help ya pick one that should shoot good,if ya do your part. King
King where did ya get your Traditions? I've got one in .54 Caliber, but percussion, and it's pretty accurate arm now that I got er figured out, might be interested another Traditions. RR
:D Riverrunner. This is probably not going to help you any,but I have an FFL,and i purchase mine through a wholesale outlet. I think if you check with any gunshop they should be able to help you. I know that if ya like bp,you will like these guns a lot, I know I sure do. 8) 8) king
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