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Cabella's Raises Prices on Blue Ridge?

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:( I just got off line with Cabella's and found out they raised the price of that .32 flinter by $50.00, I checked auction arms and didn't see any .32 flinters for sale, saw a lot of inlines cheap for those so inclined. Bass Pro Shops shows a Crockett .32, but doesn't say whether they have it in flintlock. Traditions has the Shenandoah in flintlock, but only in .36, just might go up to a 36 for my squirrel gun, sure was pretty looking as far as the picture goes. Is that the one you have King? Any suggestions on other purveyors of fine small bore flinters? RR
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Better watch out, that gun building bug might bite. Got me about 14 years ago, been doing it ever since. Couldn't afford to buy what I wanted, so started to build. Now, some that I build, cost a small fortune for just the parts! Right now I'll in the middle of building a 38cal rifle with a cherry stock blank. The barrel was off an old Pedersoli that someone ruined trying to pull the breach plug without first pulling the bolester. I had to cut the end of the barrel off and rethread/rebreach. I plan on using it for squirrel hunting. I noticed a few years ago that small calibers(32's) were getting harder to buy. Most manufactors/distributors don't want to get "stuck" sitting on small calibers, so they push 45, 50, and 54cals. Good luck and have fun building.

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