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David Arnold <[email protected]>
> Caesar is not my god!

> Dave Arnold Ministries
> Morning Muse
> Dr. Lewis Sperry Chafer, the founder of Dallas Theological Seminary, was a
unique man. On one occasion, in Dallas, he was asked to speak at a banquet.
There were a lot of preliminaries, music, announcements, and presentations. By
the time Dr.

Chafer stepped to the podium, the banquet had already been in
session for over three hours. Dr. Chafer greeted everyone, then said, “I had
prepared a somewhat lengthy message, but the hour is late, and I will not
detain you. Therefore, I am going to present just the three-point outline of
the message, and let the Holy Spirit speak to us out of that outline. My
subject is ‘The Reasonableness of Fully Surrendering Our Lives to God.’ Reason
number one: He is all-wise, and knows better than anyone else what is best for
my life.

Reason number two: He is almighty, and has the power to accomplish
that which is best for me. Reason number three: He loves me more than anyone
else in the world loves me. Conclusion: therefore, the most logical thing for
the Christian to do is to surrender his life completely to God. What more can
I say? What more need I say?” Then, he sat down. That was his message.1
> Moses told the people of Israel, “Consecrate yourselves today to the Lord”
(Exodus 32:29). One meaning of “consecrate” is “submission to the Lord.

Vance Havner wrote, “One writer has said that the word ‘Lord’ is one of the
most lifeless words in the Christian vocabulary. Yet, Dr. A. T. Robertson said
that the Lordship of Christ is the touchstone of our faith, and G. Campbell
Morgan has called it ‘the central verity of the church.’ When a Jewish convert
in the early church said, “Jesus is Lord,” he meant that Jesus was his God;
and when a Gentile believer said, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ he meant that Caesar was no
longer his god.”3
> “Most people wish to serve God, but in an advisory capacity.”4
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