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I was able to get some pics finally last weekend of some Rio turkeys in the central coast of California.

Camera was an Olympus 2100 UZ with a Olympus B300 1.7 tele lens.

I found a flock of turkeys on a private ranch where I've filmed them before. No one can hunt these turkeys so I can also call them to get them fired up for some strut pics. Here is one tom in the shade of a group of trees in late afternoon.

One of the jakes

It had been raining for several days and the toms had shut dwn pretty good. I tried just about all my calls trying to get a reponse. Finally one old tom had enough of my fighting purrs and he jumped up to chase there 2 poor jakes around who just happended to be nearby. One tom finally gobbled when the ranch dog ran up and startled him.

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