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What is the story on camera phones. Can you download pictures to your computer for processing?

What brought this about was a trip into the woods with my grandson. We went to the high country this week. My objective was to get the kid in the woods and teach him some outdoor skills, and a love for the mountains. I brought along a 35MM SL, and a digital camera.

When we reached the area we planned on hiking a thunderstorm passed dumping hail on us. We retreated back to the pickup and attacked our lunch. When a break in the storm appeared we started on a short hike. I did not take my pack with camera's in it. This was a mistake. There were a large number of snowcones showing up through the pine and fir needles. The grandson pulled out his camera phone and snapped a couple of pictures. I thought okay and did not go back for my camera.

Some distance from the road we came upon an old logging skid trail. On the trail was very large bear tracks. Far larger tracks then I normally see year after year. Without seeing the bear I suspect that it is in the 350 to 400 pound class. Most likely it is a male. I could find no smaller tracks of a cub. One of my points of reference is that years ago I assisted it a bear study in which we captured, weighted, medicated, marked, and tracked bears with radio monitors. While I was a very minor player(labor) in the study, I did learn a few things.

My grandson took a good picture of the track with his camera phone. He had bought the phone with his earnings last summer. I got thinking that I should get a print of the track from him. I wanted to send it to my hunting partner. A track to stir the blood.

On earlier occasion the grandson hand told me he did not send pictures because it was to expensive. I asked him if he could download the picture to his computer. Nope, and he had to send the image off to get it printed for $3.00. Rather expensive!

Shame on me for not carrying my camera, and taking a good photograph for my buddy.

I did a check on the internet and I could not find a download cable at my cellphone providers site. I am sure they want to use up airtime sending the image. They are in the business to sell minutes. What are you doing to download cellphone camera pictures?
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