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It's been busy around the farm lately and as a result I've been somewhat remiss in my duties as "Head-of-Household and Securer-0f-Survival-Equipment". So this morning I headed off to the local survival, shooting, reloading, cb, radio, computer, used car parts store. (aka Pawn Shoppe) Sitting way back in the corner I noticed 3 what appeared to be single shot rifles. I asked the proprietor (bubba wanyne) about them and he proceeded to lay out all three. One had obviously seen a bit of use, the other two appeared new at first glance. One of the other two was just starting to form a light dusting of rust where the stock met the frame. Number three appeared pristine. Now there was nothing fancy about these rifles, I just liked their apperance and had never seen their like before. Just to keep from being bothered with having to dig my glasses out of layeres of vest and coat, I inquired of bubba wayne what they were:

Stevens Favorites
Time for the glasses!
The first, obviously used, we're not even going to discuss, made in canada
Number Two- Looks new, half octagon half round, the action appears shorter than Number three. "Stevens Favorite 22lr" on the barrel
Number Three- Except for the afore mentioned rust looks new, full octagon barrel, longer action than Number two, and "Stevens Mod. 30" and made in (I don't remember the city/state) usa" on the barrel.

Bubba wayne says the fellow that sold them to him says that they had been in dad's closet for over thirty years.

Price on 2 or 3 is $175 (asking)

I know nothing about these except what I've heard, and that's very little other than this is what lot's of folks grew up with. So ya'll are gonna have to tell me

Can I live without one?

Butler (waitin-fer-yer-wizdum) Ford

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Good little rifles. Designed as "Boy's Rifles", about as simple as they get.
Savage produces a modern version - from their online listing:

Model 30G Stevens Favorite
Suggested Retail - $214.00

Model 30GM Full Octagonal Barrel
Suggested Retail - $251.00

Features: Lever action falling block, inertia firing pin system, half-octagonal barrel. Model 30GM has full-octagonal barrel.

Sights: Adjustable notched rear sight, bead post front sight.

Stock: Oil finished American walnut with straight grip stock and Schnabel tipped forend.

Magazine Capacity: Single Shot.

Weight: 4.25 lbs.

Barrel Length: 21".

Overall Length: 36.75".

30G Stevens Favorite (.22 LR).
30GM (.22 WMR).


I've seen 'em in the local gunshows for about what your dealer is asking - you just can't find the ol' $50 specials anymore. If I wanted one for the nostalgia, or to fill out a collection, I'd go for it. As a shooter, it wouldn't really suit me (picture a 6'4" gorilla in Dickeys!) :lol:

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BigDog thanks a lot for the information, I'm gonna go check out the web sight now. I'm fond of single shot and falling block, when I saw these I knew I wanted one. I understand they have been being made for nearly a century, but these were the first I'd ever seen.

I cant remember when I've been this excited about a 22!!

Butler Ford
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