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Small Arms Still A Big Deal

Finland's ambassador to Canada, Pasi Patokallio, states that the United Nations' initiative doesn't include "pistols under pillows," but that is exactly what their long term target is ­ firearms in the hands of private citizens. The Geneva-based Graduate Institute of International Studies' Small Arms Survey 2003 indicated that of the 639 million small arms in existence, 50 per cent of them are in 'civillian' hands, and that civilians purchase more than 80 per cent of all the firearms that are currently manufactured worldwide each year. How can they claim that civilian firearms are not their intended target?

Instead of trying to further disarm the disadvantaged and downtrodden of the world, perhaps we should be providing them with arms of their own, so they can then defend themselves against the depredations of their own governments, tribal enemies, or religious fanatics.

Bruce N. Mills
Dundas, Ontario

*FW Note:

I didn't see the article that this letter was written in response to, but the gentlaman's thoughts on the U.N.'s big plan to rid the world of small arms are clear.

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