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carrying a contender

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How do you guys carry your contenders? Do you use slings, shoulder rigs or just tote them by hand? I got my first one and I want to use it for short range predator hunting, kinda a walk around gun. Im not planning on scoping it,not yet any way. Maybe a custom shoulder rig cause Im not real impressed with the nylon outfits.
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When hunting I carry it in my hand most of the time. There is just too little time to draw on most critters.

Deer hunting in a treestand is a bit different in that I usually hold it but when using binoculars or eating a snack I put it in a holster that is inside a backpack. The backpack is hanging from the tree.

Graybeard has an Allen soft pistol case tied to his treestand in which he places his Contender when it is not in his hand. I would do the same but I've only been able to find Encore size cases.


I use a sling that TC put out for a while. It can be used as a brace to shoot more steady. I forgot what it is called but I don't think they sell it anymore.
Encore Carry

I carry mine in a cross draw rig. Bandolier style. Works for me.
Good shooting. Jerry J :grin:
MS Hitman

I either carry mine in my hand if I think I may get a shot or by using a sling. SSK makes sling swivel studs that replace the screws for the Pachmyer grip and forearm. I hold it in my hand or lay the pistol across my lap while on a deer stand.

My .223 Contender is scoped and is a long range varmint rig.
I was told that uncle mikes make a set of sling swivels for contenders that replace one of the screws on the forearm and uses a longer screw with a swivel in the grip,Ill check there web site to see. Years back I had a S/W 629 that was scoped and I put a barrel band swivel mount on it and made a stud to fit under the pachmayer grips. I was thinking about some type of butt forward crossdraw,so I might have to go with a handmade custom rig.
I have already started checking out custom grips and forearms that are offered,you sure can dress these babies up nice. I have only had mine for five days and have not shot it yet do to work and weather but Im thinking about my next one in stainless,I heard these things are addictive.
This seems like nice forum,thanks for the replies.
What I do is: I made a sling from a 1 inch piece of webbing that I got from wall mart for $2 and a set of swivels I had on hand. Then I got a heavy duty wire tie and put it trough the rear swivel. When I am doing a long walk I will use the sling but when I get close to my hunting area I will have the contender in my hand ready for a fast shot. When I get in my stand I use an team real tree ez hanger to hold my contender back pack and other things I need handy. This works real well and I can get the gun ready to shoot fast.
Options for Carrying the Contender

Spotteddog, I favor using a sling to carry big guns like the Contender/Encore. :) Here are a few suggestions.
Rear stud: A rear swivel stud can be attached to the bottom of the plastic grip (T/C makes a set of swivel studs to attach to the forend/plastic grip); if you're handy and have the time you can fashion your own means of attaching a swivel stud to the rear grip (here's one idea; another idea would be to make some sort of metal rear grip cap to replace the factory plastic and attach a swivel stud to the new metal grip cap; I wonder if one could weld a swivel stud to the bottom end of the rear grip/frame screw? Forend stud: With a wooden forend, you can attach a regular swivel stud to the forend; if you're going to attach a bipod to the forend, you may want to buy a longer/wider forend from Bullberry Barrel Works( or Virgin Valley Custom Guns ( as the factory forend doesn't work well for this use.
Slings: I've used various slings, from Pachymar's Contender sling to different rifle slings, but by far and away my favorite is the one from "Just Sling It". :grin: (it's available from manufacturer at or at VVCG). This sling is designed to be used w/ handguns.
The single best swivel studs for the Conteder were made by SSK, but when I last checked a year ago or so, they had discontinued them. :roll: I've since found one pair on Ebay. Good luck and good hunting. Gary T.
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carrying contender

I'm w/ Gary T on this one, "Just Sling It" is the trick. It has a quick release buckle that changes the length from a short "carry mode" to longer length "shooting mode" in a second. I got one last summer and tried in out while ground hog hunting. Worked great!!! When deer hunting I usually keep it "long" and carry it in my hand whether still hunting or on a stand. It doesn't get in the way and is always there if I need my hands for whatever. GOOD SHOOTIN', Walt
Sling mounts

If you have any questions I can send pictures of swivel studs , machine and screw type. Just e-mail me from my webb site. There are some pictures on the accessory page. Contenders are pretty simple but with the new rubber forearm on the Encore you have to use a barrel band. Savage striker work the same
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