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Carrying Spare fuel on the ATV???

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I finaly did it. I ran the four wheeler out of gas the other day while on the back side of the farm. After a long walk back to the truck to recover a container (a 20oz coke bottle) and scrounging around the camp for a siphon hose I was in bussiness. With a little gas and a long walk back to the four wheeler I was in business again. (I probably should put gas in it more than once a season :) ) I've been debating on carrying a fuel can of some kind but have had some concerns about transporting extra fuel. I'm wondering if I can fill two of those MSR 22 oz fuel bottles (the kind that backpackers use) with fuel and place them in my saddle bags for such an emergency. Does anyone out there carry spare fuel with them and how do you transport it?? Thanks in advance.

Frog :D
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Frog, I'd be concerned about leakage from such containers. They would have to be vented also I would think. I carry a spare tank that's sold by rocky mtn atv. It is only about 3" thick and mounts flat on the rear rack. Holds 3 or 3 1/2 gal. You can stack up to 800# of junk on top of it without worry. Might be simpler and safer just to fill er up every morning or two.
I strap a milk carton on my machine that I put things in like chains, an axe. a come-along, ropes and spare fuel (I gal container), etc.
I keep a couple of the little one gal. containers (like you keep lawn mower fuel in) strapped to my front rack. When we are scouting for elk, it isn't unusual for us to go sixty or seventy miles in one day, so we all carry extra fuel with us.
Old Syko,
I thought about getting one of the gas tanks like the one you have but they are godawful expensive. $80 for a plastic gas can???? What makes them worth that much? They are a good idea and are designed well but $80????????
:) I just keep a one gal. plastic gas container bungied the the rack. Just remember to leave room in the container for expansion on warm days.
Yep, seems like a heck of a price but I feel better due to the heavy construction. I can pile 200# on top of this thing and not worry about splitting the thing open even after an all day ride in mid summer. Been there, done that, got the T shirt. Flipped the wheeler over badkward on a steep hill about a year and a half ago and never lost a drop but the wheeler wasn't quite so lucky nor was I. I'm sorry but I just can't bring myself to strap a can on the back over the end of the muffler.

By the way, the one I have has a cap with a hose attached that hangs right over the cap on my bike. When I need fuel I just remove the bikes gas cap, slip the hose down the tank and unscrew the aux tank cap until fuel starts to flow. This way I don't have to unload my junk first.
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