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Got this email flyer from Century as a dealer special this morning dealer I suppose to them means a C&R license holder as that is what I have. Anyway they list the guns now as fair so are we getting to the bottom of the barrel? The ammo is listed on special also. Thought I would pass this on. Jim

Schmidt Rubin K31 Rifle, Cal. 7.5X55 – C&R

This beautifully made rifle was designed and used by the Swiss in defense of their mountainous homeland! It is the last – and finest – of a series of powerful “new” rifles that began in 1911 and served valiantly until it was replaced by the SIG M57 select fire assault rifle! Barrel: 25.70”, Overall Length: 43.5”. Weight: 8.85 lbs.

RI1081-F Condition: Fair

Was: $69.87 Special: 5 for $300

7.5 Swiss

10 rds./box, 480 rds./case. Berdan primed, Non-corrosive.


Was: $189.87/Case. Special: $144/Case.
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