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DavOh said:
Congrats on the new shooter.... I found a Glenfield .30-30 at a pawn shop near here that is in GREAT cosmetic condition... still has the original glenfield 4x32 scope... guy said he'd take $250 for it.... Your report is encouraging. I'd like to see if others are getting similar results....

Good luck this season!
My wife went to that pawn shop this morning and picked that old .30-30 up for me this morning. Early christmas she said... ;)

Got to the Range this afternoon with a couple boxes of Rem 150 gr. Corlokt, and a box of LeverEvolution(just for grins)....

All 100 yds

First three shots, with the remmy stuff, was about 3" Just dustin her off and getting the rust outta the old trigger finger. 9 of the first 10 shots, about 5" with the one being a "jerked it" shot i know was off before I even looked through the spotting scope.

after changing targets, I got down to the serious stuff.

Put in the LeverEvolution pills, just because I'm curious. two shots, one ragged hole, about 6" above bull. At first I thought I missed with the second shot. Wasnt untill i walked out there that I could make out the oblong teltale of good shooting(I know, I'm sooooo modest). 3rd shot was just outside 1"

adjusted for elevation, two shots again one ragged hole... 1st 3 shots, just over an inch, next 3 shots, with no cooldown, just over 4"

Shot some more Remmy, just for kicks. 6" low, 3shots just over an inch group next 2 opened up to 5-6".

Overall, I like the Hornady LeverEvolution. Sure seems like the rifle likes it too. It seems to shoot flatter than the standard remington corlokts. (Just like " they " said). It definitely has more kick and muzzle blast.

I'll post pictures once I get around to uploading them to the net.

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Sounds like a great gun. You can't beat a Marlin/Glenfield.
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