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churchhill over unders

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I need all and any Opinions on churchhill over unders. I have found one for 275 dollars canadian. It has 26" barrells and is in great condition. What are their guns like for a starter trap or skeet gun.???????
ps. the auction ends tomorrow?

Thanks for all replies. Greg
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Originally Churchhill was a London made best quality label. That is no more I believe. The ones made since the 70s have been imported from both Spain and Italy. The Regent name in both SXS and O/U were made in both places depending on just which it is. The Winsor O/Us are from Italy but the SXSs are from Spain.

Excellent guns are made in both countries but in general Italian guns are more desirable than the Spainish ones. Some pretty cheap and not great ones have come out of Spain but for the most part any Spainish double is likely a good solid gun.

Without knowing for certain which specific gun you are looking at it is hard to say if it is a good buy or not. I'd not put more than about $400-450 tops in one.

As to it's suitability for beginning trap or skeet use well not real suitable. For trap you really need a gun with different dimensions than the normal field grade gun to be very successful. In skeet a field grade works OK. Both if you get serious are very high use activities and you need a gun that can take it and be dependable. I'm not saying the Churchhill guns won't be but you'd not likely find anyone else using one where ever you shoot. For skeet you need very open chokes not tighter than IC if fixed. For trap you can get by very well with fixed chokes of either MOD, IM or even Full if you are shooting handicap. If you are just a beginner and shooting without handicap yardage a MOD or at most IM choke might be best. Interchangeable tubes are best either way.

If you get serious you will definitely want to upgrade.

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