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One afternoon a citizen looked out his picture window to see two blond girls wearing City work uniforms working along the street.

One girl was digging holes, only to have the second girl fill the hole when the first girl moved to start digging another hole.

They worked furiously without resting. One girl digging holes, and the other girl following along and filling them.

When they got to the end of the block, they crossed the street and started working their way back down the block.

Unable to comprehend what he was watching, he left his house, crossed the street, and said, " I am really impressed with the way you two apply yourselves to you work, but I don't see the point of what you are doing ?

The hole digger straightened her back, wiped her brow, and sighed, " I suppose this does look odd, but you see, the girl who puts in the trees is sick today."
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