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col yotes

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introduce yourself to some of the sheep ranchers and they will welcome you with open arms if it hasnt changed over the years. I knew a rancher up near craig named dan sherman that hated coyotes and he had thousands of sheep, the two didnt mix well. :D JIM
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I live in Co

Hey were in Co do you live I live by Grand Junction and i know alot of good yote hunting spots over here :wink:
same up here

I'm having little success among the cattle ranchers around here too. Some are downright hostile! Even the few who also run sheep look at you with this bewildered stare. Oh well. Seems they ALL hate gophers though and some are quite happy to have you thin 'em.

Oh well. Take what you can get, I guess. Some allow me on, albeit grudgingly. It helps if you spend a couple hours tossing hay with them.

colorado yote hunting


Were are you at? I live in Palisade, Co. Harley
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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