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Colt .22 Revolver

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I have an old Colt .22 Long Rifle cal. revolver that I have little or no use for and am going to attempt to sell it. Would appreciate some idea of the current market value.

Few marking on it, the SW Trademark under the clyinder release button and on the other side Made in USA. Appears to be a serial number on the grip metal bottom #650954. Fixed sights (dumb) with 6" barrel.

Patent dates (barrel) Feb 08, 08 - Sept 14, 09 - Dec. 09, 14

It is a user with 90% + bluing remaining, sound grips but minor metal pitting in a few spots.

Any input sincerely appreciated!

Good shooting!
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duh, ok it is a SMITH & WESSON...........has S&W in a circle. Don't know where that Colt thought came from, sorry!
If your revolver is a "K" frame, you may have a very valuable revolver!

According to the Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson, serial numbers 650929-650953 were produced on special order for the Coast Guard, with fixed, not adjustable sights. Note that your serial number is just one higher than the top end of the range given. Before I did anything with this firearm, I'd suggest that you invest $30 for a "factory letter" to verify that this revolver was shipped as it is today. Note the lack of an adjustable rear sight and the front sight- pictures will help Roy Jinks, the S&W historian.

If you do have a Coast guard issue, your revolver is worth as much as ten times the going rate for 90% K-22 Uutdoorsman revolvers, or $3000-4000.

If you were to post a picture here (include a scale or ruler in the pic), I can at least tell you if you have a "K" frame

Thanks for taking time to respond to my posting. I looked into posting a photo and it seems like a real hassle. I can photo it and email you a picture if you would like to persue this further.


I e-mailed you and asked you how much you wanted for this pistol. You e-mailed me back with a few up date facts and no price. I e-mailed you back with a rediiculously low price and you e-mailed me back and said NO, and with a few more facts about the pistol and NO price. I therefore assume that the gun is NOT for sale and only a topic for conversasion? Or didn't you say you had no use for it and were thinking about selling it?
SB, this forum is for DISCUSSION ONLY. No buyting, selling or trading or discussions of same here. That's what the Classifieds are for. Now asking value of a gun in anticipation of maybe selling is a valid discussion for here. But please keep your attempts to buy it before he determines a value of it to PMs or e-mail and not on the forum.

Taxmiser. If I were you I'd follow the advice you've been given and determine what the heck you have and what it might actually be worth before any discussions of selling it to anyone. It would appear it has potential to be worth far more than a run of the mill and until you know for sure you or the buyer one of the two is gonna get screwed no matter the sale price.

SB, The revolver will be for sale as mentioned in the original posting. However, I was and am trying to establish a reasonable value. I'm sorry that you seem to have been offended. I didn't say "NO" what I did say was no, but thanks for the offer. And yes, the $75.00 offer was a trifle offensive.

Thanks to those who had made constructive comments.

Good shooting!

By all means feel free to send me an e-mail with as many attached pics as you think may be helpful. I'd appreciate, as I noted before, inclusion of a scale or ruler (so that I can compare your revolver with my Outdoorsman, which was produced a couple years before your revolver was).

Don't get your hopes too high, this may be gun made from mixed parts, or there may be some other explanation for a seemingly unique piece. Still, it is a most unusual revolver, and I'd like to emphasize that I think it's worth your while to seriously investigate the history of this particular gun.

If you wish, let me know if you want the pics posted on this forum, so that anyone more expert than I am can venture an opinion. (While I do collect S&W D.A. revolvers made between the 1898 & 1955, I readily admit that I know far more about old Colts than I know about old S&W's).

Thanks again Bob, I will drag out the camera tomorrow and forward you some photo's. I am not getting my hopes up, having been in the tax business since '66 I've become a skeptic anyway.

Good shooting.................
I guess the old eyes aren't what they used to be. a kindly soul told me where the other matching serial numbers where to be found. The numbers are all matching but when located, :roll: :roll: a magnifying glass was needed. The number is 650934, yes not 54 but 34 making it one of 25 made for the Coast Guard in 1935.

Thanks again,

Just want to thanks all those who contrubuted to my quest for knowledge. It has been a real experience and quite informative.

Once again, my gratitude is extended to those deserving souls............

God Bless and good shooting!

Now, back to the question I had when I originally posted this, how does one go about trying to determine a value? There has to be somewhere to start but I don't have a clue.

I have ordered the history from Mr. Jinks at Smith & Wesson but he isn't allowed to advise about current market values.

Thanks and good shooting!

The problem is that the market for this revolver is really small: only very advanced (or specialized) S&W collectors will be interested in paying anything like what the potential value of this handgun may be.

The best suggestion I can make is to discuss this with both a specialist auctioneer and a specialist dealer.

Rock Island Auction Company is firm I have dealt with satisfactorily.

Jim Supica is a specialist dealer with a deep knowledge of S&W's.

best wishes,

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Thanks again Bob, will contact them and keep you abreast of developments......................

Recieved my history from Mr. Roy Jinks confirming the revolver is still as it was isssued to the Coast Guard. Very interesting documentation as it gives the date the shipment was made and where it was shipped to. Thanks again for all the input in helping me identify this Smith.

God Bless and good shooting!
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