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Commorative Win. model 1886 in 45-70

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Win. model 1886 in 45-70. This is a 2001 Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation commorative rifle. It is one of 550 made and is new, unfired in original box. I have no need of a commorative gun I can not fire. I got it at auction for a fair price but would like to sell it. Does anyone know what forum would be best to find a collector for this gun? All of the listings I have used so far have only attracted people looking for a big bore gun to shoot or hunt with. They are not interested in commorative rifles, and I am not interested in selling it for the price of a market rifle. Can anyone give me some ideas?
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The ONLY Forum on my site I allow items to be bought, sold or traded on is the Classifieds Forum. Can't say how much luck you'll have selling it there but it is one of the most heavily visited Classifieds of the outdoor sites and items of interest to my views which are priced reasonably sell quickly.

Other than that the various Gun Auction sites might be your best bet. Dunno what you think the value of it is but I've seen them on Guns America I think is the site and they usually don't have a huge premium over the standard modlels. Some yes but not a huge amount.

real value

I have and had a few collectable rifles and found I could never get what the gun book valued them. The few I have now I paid less than value. You will just have to wait and find the person that wants the rifle more than you and work your best deal. Sometimes it pays to do some trading for items you don't real want but are easy to resell. Done that too. There is a local collector that had over 30 winchester commeratives and he is having a hard time selling them and has traded most of them for other items or services. You could trade for 2 lesser value guns and if they are popular may come out money ahead. Hope this helps.
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