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Competition - mortar and/or cannon

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I've seen some of the competitions advertized (as for the North South Skirmish Association).

What are your good experiences with these types of events?

Some of us live within reasonable driving distance; maybe we could arrange a shoot when it warms up and dries out a little?

What events do y'all like?

For example, with two mortars, I like shooting one at high angle (75d elevation) and firing the other at low-angle (10d elevation) about 8 seconds later and seeing if I can hit the same point at the same time.
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I understand the N-SSA mortar folks shoot stakes. A stake is set up down range. a time limit is given to fire a set number of rounds. The impact point of the rounds is measured from the stake and an aggregte is recorded. The smallest aggregate wins.

The cannon guys shoot at bullseye targets. N-SSA have strict fring rules all aimed at safety.

I always thought their ranges were a little short. This week I have visited Gettysberg and Mannasas Battlefields. I didn't realize how close some of the artillery duels were. Wonder how I would have acted marching across that field at Picketts knees get shakey just thinking about it.

At one place where I watched a cannon match (Josephine County Sportsmens Park?) they first had there regular target match. Then they did a mass firing at a fort they had built out of wood. It was a crowd pleaser.
Guys If you like artillery you GOT to get to the N-SSA nationals. Held in 3rd weekend in May and 1st weekend of Oct. Winchester Va. Had about 70 mortars in comp and 30-40 field pieces in 2 classes smoothbore and rifled
Safety is very important in the n-ssa. There was a accident in se mich in the 60s Killed some and wounded some. You got to be carefull in building a artillery piece. All we need is a accident to have the gov-ment all over us.
I have a bunch of pics I can post soon as I figure how.
There is a long range artillery shoot in northern mich every fall . I crewed on a 3" parrott gun.12lb shell,full service load. we were using a old APC at 2,200 yards for a target. One guy had his 30 lb parrott there. That was a sight to see fire.
check out
Shooter575 -

I've been to many 'firepower demonstrations' when in training in the Army, but never to a massing of BLACKPOWDER toys.

I will start a thread on upcoming blackpowder cannon and mortar shoots for y'all to keep us posted of events in which we can participate or observe.

The link for N-SSA (their bulletin board postings) is below:

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