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Connecticut Sportsmen: Beware of Anti-Bowhunting Local Ordinance- (12/12)

An ordinance being considered by the Cromwell Board of Selectmen would ban the discharge of a bow within city limits without a permit. The ordinance places the control of discharging a bow and, potentially, all bowhunting, solely in the hands of the police chief.

The Cromwell Board of Selectmen will meet to discuss the ordinance. It is vague and shortsighted. Perhaps the current chief of police supports hunting and archery and is willing to issue permits, but what happens if his replacement does not? The ordinance does not require the chief to issue a permit in a timely fashion, nor does it set parameters under which he must approve or reject a permit request.

Such ordinances have been introduced in other states. They stem from unfounded safety fears and anti-hunting sentiment.

A National Safety Council report says hunting is safer than swimming, bicycling, and playing baseball, golf, tennis and basketball. The International Hunter Education Association reports only four injuries and one fatality out of six million bowhunters in 1999.

Information Provided by the US Sportsmen's Alliance and

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you need to...

demand from them what requirements will be to get a permit before you
allow them to pass this... if you dont like the requirements..then fight it..
till you get what you want.. its your city..not theirs!!
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