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Constitutional militia required by 2nd Amendment

by Devvy Kidd

Second Amendment: "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

In an attempt to shut down the Minuteman Project and demonize them, seditionist groups like La Raza and Hermanidad Mexicana Nacional started slinging the same worn out standard that anyone opposed to illegals smuggling themselves across the border is a racist.

This carping by organizations who advocate the over throw of our republic isn't playing well out in America as this issue has come to the forefront of the Americans landscape and exposed the wholesale importing of crime, disease, adverse economic impact and – you can bet your dime – terrorists.

Along with the "racist" mantra has been irresponsible and completely untrue charges that the Minutemen would be packing guns with the sole intent of doing bodily harm to criminals (illegals sneaking across the border). Not to be outdone in all the shouting, President Bush let loose with the accusation that the Minutemen were "vigilantes."

Bush only fired off his mouth before he loaded his brain to take the attention away from his complete and total refusal to put the pressure on Congress to lock down the borders by whatever means necessary. Instead, he attacks these courageous men and women who are doing what they are required to do: protect against an invasion. The Minutemen are actually the true meaning of the Second Amendment.

We are all aware of the massive assault on our Second Amendment rights regarding our God-given right to own and bear arms. Richard Celata has even raised the specter about our gun rights and the National ID:

In my opinion, the National ID is more about control – and when it comes, and your guns are listed in the database, they will know exactly what you have. And like in Nazi Germany, if you could not produce the gun or the "paper work" that proved you sold (and who you sold it to) or turned it in, BANG, no more worries. Currently it is legal to build your own firearm ... I really think though that the time is soon approaching that you will not be able to build your own. After the ID goes into effect, everything will need to "registered" (2008).

One of the chief goals of the globalists who are working feverishly to put the final crown on their one-world government is to completely disarm the American people. An armed population will never submit to tyranny when an overt attempt is made to subdue them. Those who birthed this constitutional republic (we are not a democracy) understood only too well what happens when tyrants have all the weapons. Guns are indeed the teeth of liberty. The relentless effort by those working to fulfill the communist agenda have made giant strides over the past 40 years because Americans have let them, and, in fact, keep voting these anti-Bill of Rights politicians right back into office. This is why it's so important for Americans to understand what "constitutional militia" really means.

You may have seen the hugely popular movie, "The Patriot," with Mel Gibson playing Benjamin Martin, who closely resembled a historical figure known as "The Swamp Fox." There really was a "Swamp Fox," so named by the British because of his elusive tactics. That man was Francis Marion, a Revolutionary War hero. In that movie, Benjamin called up the unorganized militia to assist the "regulars." In a recent essay, the brilliant Dr. Edwin Vieira summed up the history of pre-constitutional militia acts by saying:

The principle in operation was that the only truly free men are armed men, because an armed citizenry is necessary to maintain a free society. As the Second Amendment came to summarize the idea, "[a] well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

A "free State" is one with "[a] well regulated Militia"; and "[a] well regulated Militia" is one composed of all "the people" actually exercising their "right to keep and bear Arms", with no "infringe[ment]" by public officials. Arms in every citizen's personal possession are the precondition for freedom, freedom the hoped-for consequence of such possession (if the Militia do their part).

And public officials can do nothing to interfere with such possession, being limited in their authority to ensure that, through and in the Militia, everyone obtains and maintains private possession of firearms suitable for defending individual liberty and social order.

Like the core group of individuals who birthed the Minuteman Project, Dr. Vieira has a plan and course of action to institute a "constitutional program of "homeland security" based on "the militia of the several states." I hope my fellow 80-million gun owners in this country will further research this plan. The drums of a coming mandatory draft increase each day as Mr. Bush needs another war to deflect his utter failure over in Afghanistan, Iraq and domestic unrest here at home. There is no need for a draft if the requirements of the Second Amendment were in full force and effect.

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