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Contender fore arms

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Okay, I'm new to the Contender game, bought one with a 44 mag 10" barrel and have switched it out with a Virgin Valley 13 1/2" chambered in .30 Bellm. Need a fore arm (or forend) for it. The 10" only has one mounting point, the VV has two. On-line I see them listed for all sorts of different barrels (12" bull, Super 14, 16 Carbine, etc.) and VV has a whole different mounting system on their web site but says it will fit the Super 14 without their hanger system. How can you tell which fore arm fits which barrel if it's not the stock 10" bull (that only has one screw).
Help me out here, that short fore arm looks silly with the second mounting point hanging out in front of it.
Helicopter Bill
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:D Bill call the guys at Virgin Valley. They can tell you wether or not your going to need one of their hanger bar systems. And can get you into a nice forearm also. Their # is 435-635-8941 They are great guys to talk to.
ps dont spend too much time on the phone or you will end up buying a couple more barrels to go with your new forearm. CONTEDERITISE is a horible disease!!!!
Get yourself a pachmayr forend and two hanger bars then all you need is one forend problem solved. :wink:
all you need is a forearm for a super 14. it has two screw holes instead of one like the 10" forearm has. you might get one on e-bay if your not out bid by someone wanting it worse than you.
The tip to call VVCG was a good one. They said the Super 14 has a dovetail spacing of 3.14" center to center, and the Super 16 has a 3.55" spacing. Don't know about the rest, but this was enough to figure out I've got the Super 14 spacing. Hanger and forend on order.
Bill :)
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