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Well, I discovered tonight that the old style Contender with the 10" .41 Mag. barrel I got recently has a wiggle in the fit between the barrel and frame while closed. At first I thought it was a loose grip, but determined its definately the fit between barrel/frame.[/color][/size] Now heres the strange thing...if I put the .41 barrel on my other old style frame and close it, there is zero wiggle, fits rock solid and opens up fine. Now an even stranger .35 Rem and .375 Win barrel fit rock solid while closed with no wiggle on the frame that the .41 barrel originally came on. They both open up fine also. What the heck? The .41 Mag barrel has the solid locking lug (not split) and the barrel lug does not have the small step on the bottom of it like the newer barrels. I even tried switching the pivot pins between the frames with no difference...the .41 still wiggled on its original frame, the other two barrels fit fine on it. Made no difference in my other fames fit/function either to switch pivot pins...all three barrels close up rock solid with no wiggle on it at all. Never experienced this with any Contenders before.

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