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Hi all,
So at this time I have 2 Encores I have put together to my liking.
One is a TC 15" 243win. in pistol configuration with Tony's grip and forearm.
I shoot 65gr Hornady Vmax in it.
The other is a 6.5 Grendel with an MGM 16 1/4" full bull barrel. Again with Tony's
forearm and thumb hole stock.
Both are fancy walnut.

Now i'm working on a TC super 14.
TC 22 hornet stainless bbl
Gen 1 stainless frame
Black grip and forearm
Optic is Leupold 2.5-8, Warne rings, MGM mount,
all in silver.
I'm changing to walnut forearm and grip and going
to keep it TC.
All I have to do is locate a Beavertail style walnut 2 hole
grip and it will be ready to go.
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