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Contenders in 300 Savage, what happened???

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Contenders in 300 Savage, what happened???

Sorry, Bill, but I just don't know.

My guess is that there are backthrust/pressure issues similar to those with the 250 Savage.

Merry Christmas!

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.300 Savage

I have been in contact with J.D. on this one recently. He said the .300 Savage does just fine as long as someone doesn't try to make a .308 Win. out of it. Most published reload data will do just fine. I was considering a 30-30 carbine rechamber..SSK will do that for $75. Still considering it. There is a poster here on GB that has a 14" pistol barrel in .300 Savage that I had contacted..he stated that it was murder on whitetails,but the recoil could be fierce. :grin:
300 savage

does he still have this BBL I would like to talk to him about it
Contenders in 300 Savage, what happened???

Yes, he does I think his user name is crowzapper he said the velocity was only 175fps slower than the 309jdj.Not a big loss in power as far as I can see.Hey,maybe I should get one it would make a sweet carbine.
Question for Roy.

It sounds like from your experience with the wildcat that you have some expertize on reaming out chambers. There are some of out here that have New England Firearms in various calibers that could be reamed. If your not familiar with them they are basically a Contender barrel on a firle. In your humble opinin on the subject, using your method, how hard would it be to convert a .357 Mag. to .357 Max., .44 Mag. to .445 SM. It sounds simple to me and would greatly increase the versitility of these rifles.

Have lathe, cutting oil, Bridgeport, grinders and time.

Need more guns! :grin:
Contenders in 300 Savage, what happened???

Sorry I haven't seen this til now.

I have had a 300 Savage with a 15" tapered hunter style barrel for the past 15 years.

This thing will hold between 1/2" and 1" groups at 100 yds when I do my part properly.

I have been using the Hornady 130gr spire point with H322 powder and using CCI 350 mag primers.

Most of my brass that I use now is resized 308 brass. It is a lot stronger, cheaper and doesn't require trimming as often as savage brass.

The velocities I get are right around 2550 fps, with just a little flattening of the primers. When I first started working up loads for this, I watched for the primers cratering. When the primers started to crater a little, I backed off the charge 1 grain. It is easier to guage the pressure of the pistol primers than it is for rifle primers designed for 50,000 cup.

The reason I use the CCI 350 mag primers is that the pressure at which they will start to crater is just a pinch below the max a contender frame can handle without stretching.

I have been shooting this load for 15 years and I still have good lock up, no unexpected fly open by the barrel and accuracy is second only to my 6mm-223 and 22 Hornet. I also set the bullets just a few thousandths off the lands. :D

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