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I ran into this on another site and thought I would post it here since thee seems to be a lot of lee trimmer users here (can't be that handi shooters are a frugal bunch).

In a nutshell you can grind down a 22-250 pilot to work as a 204 ruger pilot. All I did was chuck up the pilot into my drill press and grind it down with a file. when I go to about .203 I switched over to various grits of sand paper, till I got to ~.201 (it started at .220). I then flipped it and ground the lower portion down till it was even with the .201 surface, then I polished it down.
Here is the tricky parts the pilot is now narrow enough to go between the blades of the cutter so don't trim to length yet. I screwed it in until it bottomed out then I tried to trim as expected it did not make contact. so I trimmed it on a bench grinder and repeated the process. Even though I tried to trim slowly I trimmed the pilot a little too much. To fix that I epoxied the pilot into place just backed out a hair to make up the length.

It took about 20 minutes to do the conversion, so if you were thinking about a 204 handi but did not want to buy a trimmer at this point, there is a cheaper alternative.
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