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I have a Hog roast here at my place for the neighbors and friends every year.
At times I dig a hole big enough for a 125 Hog and Deer hind quarters.I use about at least 75 lbs charcoal or more and get them all glowing,than I use big rocks fist size and as big as your head,compleatly cover the coals.I put a down spout pipe on each end of the hole to keep the coals going a little longer after you cover the hole.After a few hours I pull them out.This starts at about 6am.get them hot.
Take the hog and put all of your favorite vegies in it.I like to use a lot of cabage and unions.
I wrap the hog with chicken wire,it will get verry tender and fall appart when you get a hold of a leg bone and try to lift it.Get the Hog with the hide on,Just have the butcher rub the hair off,it helps hold the hog together and keeps it moist.Then I wrap it in damp burlap and green corn stalkes.Also cover the hot rocks with the corn stalks.Cover that with a old blanket or bed sheet put a layer of dirt on it about 2"and let it set untill late afternoon,roll out a keg and a little stomping music and git to it.It is Gooood.Lp.
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