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Unfortunately, many if not most factory barrels have rough bores. Of
course there are some exceptions. I have worked with several Rem. Model
700's that were very accurate but fouled badly.
In most cases I have been able to break-in the barrels as Buckskin suggested with good results. But a couple of the Sendero's that I worked
with would have none of that! On one of these I followed a very detailed
break-in procedure I read about from a famous Bench Rest champion
named Jim Shultz. I removed the barreled action & poured boiling hot,
soapy water down the bore, scrubbed & followed with boiling hot rinse water. This was done to remove all shavings & solvents. Then I scrubbed
a great deal with JB Paste with a patch wrapped around a smaller cal.
brush. I did this several times with new patches & then cleaned the bore.
Then I started the break-in by shooting 1 round, cleaning doing this 20
shots, then 3 shots 5 times then 10 shots 3 times. Each time I used Powder Solvent & then Sweet's, "this was a few years ago before some of
I took it to Wyoming that fall & took a Mule Deer & Antelope & a Whitetail
back here in Ar. The next summer I found out about DAVID TUBB'S FINAL
FINISH!!!!! I had studied other fire lapping kits & was not impressed with
those. Here is what Final Finish did for this rifle & others since then.
1. Reduced fouling & cleaning effort big time. I went from using a sack full
of patches to just a few each cleaning!
2. Increase in accuracy. This gun went from a .80" Rifle to a .50" Rifle!
3. No longer necessary to have a fouling shot since almost no fouling
occured after the first shot at that point.
4. Increase in velocity. The pressures were a little lower in my existing
loads now which made them a little slower but I was able to increase
powder charges at the same pressures & increase velocities 50-75 FPS.
I have no stock in this company & no I don't sell it. I wanted to share this
info because it has saved me alot of heartache since then.
I know one place that sells it is Lock Stock & Barrel.

Do a basic break-in more like Buckskin mentioned "possibly not necessary since yours has been fired some but it won"t hurt." Then do the Final Finish per the instructions. If you don't reload, get someone to load these for you. Then clean your gun & enjoy! :D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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