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I need a .458-.450or.449 two stage or single.449 die from Corbin or RCE for making bore riding bullets.My new rifle has a short throat,the old sharps has a pp throat were I use a 1 ogive but I have to seat the bullet to deep,unless I bore seat the bullet with a seating tool.I want to be able to make a bore rider.
I been making 170 gr.308 with a rebated boat tail( like the Lapua)with good results,they are as good or better than the 168 Siearra match. :D LP.
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:D Hi Talon>A bullet reducing die might work,but it would be tapered more than I would want it.A dual diameter die comes in two part which would be adjustable which I want, were I can adjust the ogives lenth for a longer bore riding nose.It workes on both the jacket and lead bullet.I have tapered dies,but I need the longer bore riding one caliber diameter bore riding ogive.I can have one made for about $300,but I thought a used one might be arround not being used.The base diameter should be .459 and the Ogive .449.TNX. for the reply.Lp.
Do you have to use a silencer to shoot a mine? :roll:
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