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Cost to play

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OK guys just what does it cost to play this game? Marsh sent me a copy of The Cowboy Chronicle January 2003 edition. I've read some of it and looked over all of it. Don't think I saw a shoot advertised in it that cost less than about $75 or so to enter. Is this the norm? That don't fit an old retired fat boy like me's finances.

Is this just the big shoots? Are local shoots like I might could attend here in Bama likely to cost less? How much less?

How many rounds of ammo on average do you fire at a match? Not a national level but just a local match at a club.

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cost to play

The local club that I will be trying out charges 15 bucks to enter. Maybe that was just for a big shoot.
I've paid from $5 to $20. The nice thing was the club that charged 20 was actually using some of the money for improving the range. more stages, more and better targets, new props and general range maintenence.
The prices you were seeing in the Chronicle were fer "big" shoots, like Regionals, State Championships, and Annual Invitational matches.

If you attend clubs monthly matches I doubt that you will find one that charges more than $20.00 for entry fees.
The bigger the shoot, the higher the fee seems to be the general rule.

The regional, national and world competions are all pretty big and draw a lot of competitors, vendors and spectators. Higher fees defer higher operating costs and put some bucks in the SASS bank.

Our club, Powder Creek Cowboys, charges $10.00 for members and $15.00 for non-members to shoot a match. The money will be used to build, maintain and improve our range. Currently we are shooting at an indoor range with half the proceeds going toward range rental. The $5.00 to $20.00 fee ButlerFord45 referred to seems to be about average for local shoots.

I'll be getting to a big match one day! As a spectator. Sigh.

As for ammo, figure 10 rounds revolver, 10 rounds rifle and 2-8 rounds shotgun per stage with 4-6 stages per one day shoot as an average for a local match.

Come on out GB, I'll let you shoot my Larry Crow Vaqueros and turn you into a Ruger fan before you can holler yeehaw.
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Most monthly matches here in Micigan run 15 dollars with a lunch included in that price.

I have been involved in conversation with several clubs and many are considering going to $18.

There is some resistance in an increase and some lobbying for a $20 fee but I suspect that it will still average out at $18 with lunch.

There also frequently discounts for a spouse, junior, or certain club memberships.
just to throw my 2 cents: our monthly club fees are $10 for one day and $15 for both Sat and Sun. Yearly dues are $24 and a one time initiation fee of $25. Turns out Dec match is free to members.
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