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Coug, you ain't dead!

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You just walk a big trail! And if teched is all you are then ****, you got friends here... :D
Have you ever shot a mulefoot hog? What's the difference in temperment, do ya know? I see pictures and I wonder is all...Later.[/color]
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I'm glad we got that settled :-D

Mule foots, yes Sir! I have seen em, kilt em, and always, they are rouges as well. And yepper, they get the meaner vote from this undead Coug.

Lookit it this a ways, if you all of a sudden had one digit on either hand instead a 5, wouldn't you have chapped ass 24/7 :eek:

Alive Coug

Yup! For sure chapped, maybe blistered a might, too! :lol: But how many of 'em think,with their last aberrent chromasonal breath, "Life was good 'till I met this guy and his hunting machine!" :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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