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Coug your doin' a GREAT job!

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Y'know we been having a lot of fun on Coug, and he's been sharing his stories with us, but everytime I log on, I go right to this forum. Keep it up Coug, it's great. :D :D :D
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Thank you kindly Jeff! I will do my best to keep the pot stirred :lol: Reckon that's why the Gray Bearded one wanted me here to begin with :D

Yup I concur Jeff. Coug is doing a fine job. The old boy knows how to spin a yarn to make it interesting and enough experience to have lots of stories to call forth. Besides that he tetched in the head. :-D

Graybeard said:
The old boy knows how to spin a yarn.....
Now GB, ya'll ain't implyin that this here Ole Coug would in ANY way stretch the truth, are ya :lol:

I know X13 pigs have a lot of folks questioning, but I swear, I have seen em with my own eyes, and I have kilt em when I could.

You figger Gino bopped one in the head from 10 yards, 4 times, wiff a 454 Casull afore it said enough. Them pigs ain't normal. Course, neither are the people that go after em :-D

I agree you are doing a fine job.It seems you all are having a hard time killing them little piggies my wife just ordered some of them new fangled ginsu knifes off the internet say they'all cut through anything.think I'll strap one to a cane pole in the back yard and come up there and kill one fur you.Well i'll keep giging you about the little guns and keep you on you'r toes. .P.S. I think i'll keep the ginsu in the back yard for now
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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