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couple questions for TC shooters...

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how do i know when my contender is sighted in? when it shoots well from the rest or when it shoots well from offhand? when i rest it, it shoots way higher and i understand that its because of pressure but cmon, what if i am hunting and have a couple opportunities but one needs a rest and one does not?

will the o-ring trick help this?

also, i am buying a 10" .223 barrel soon...i think the 14" would be best but just how much am i losing with the 10"?? considering that i will be shooting no more than 1oo yards or so i would think it wouldnt matter, except for the muzzle blast lol.

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I shoot from a rest to sight in that way I take out my possible errors like muscle control and such. Maybe it isn't shooting high maybe you're pulling the trigger instead of squeezing the trigger that could make you pull the front of the barrel down and make your shots low.
It pays...

It pays off well to be very consistant with the placement of the gun on the bags or rest - that should help a little for sure. Good luck - I have never had any problems with any of my T/C's
so once i sight in off a rest, i can move to offhand and expect the same point of impact?

i would like to think so but in my 20-minute session to zero the 17hmr barrel i have, it seemed that the rested shots went high. i WAS resting it on my fist, on top of my truck bed, so perhaps it was just that my hand wasnt exactly the best rest.

My 14" 223 Contender with a Burris 2x shoots 1" groups off of bench, notice no change when shooting off hand, except the shakes.. :eek:

Shooting many thousands of rounds each year I can say I have never
had the problem that you are indicating with changing points of impact.
I do not shoot offhand at anything I intend to kill because I feel that a humane kill is not guaranteed with my 14 and 15 inch barrels at any range. My short barrel hanguns and cannon's are easier to control
and I would shoot off hand to 50 yards max. But I have still passed
up animals as I could not guarantee a good hold?

As a general rule you either gain or loose 30fps per barrel inch!

be careful and check twice
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guess it was just my hand as a rest is not good. and plus i think my 15 minute shooting session of ten shots or so wasnt enough to get used to the gun or the scope.

i will try again soon but this time at the range and let oyu guys know what i find. i really love my T/Cs :)

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