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Cowboy Ed-I-kit

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ButlerFord45 made a good point in one of his posts (OK, he made a bunch of good points but we're just looking at etiquette now).
If you go to a shoot and someone lends you stuff you need to offer something in return. Pay for the ammo (probably won't be accepted but money does talk to some), clean the guns, walk their dog, etc.
On my first trip the club allowed me to shot free as I was a first time shooter. My mentors provided everything from guns, to ammo to leather. They refused my offers to repay them so I am casting them some 250 grain 45LC as a gift. Something they can use and a way for me to say thanks. Supplies (powder, shot, bullets) are always being used and usually it's more the thought than the actual object.
And, hopefully, some day you can return the favor to a new shooter of your own.
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Boy! I sure wish I shot with you Walt!!

You've made a good point. While most that I've met would consider sharing the enjoyment of a new shooter is payment enough, we should keep in mind that this person has just spent 15-30 dollars in ammunition for you, not to mention having to clean guns that he didn't even get to shoot.

Butler Ford
A friend introduced me to CAS by loaning me an entire outfit, complete with ammo, and wouldn't take anything in payment. What he suggested, and what I've done, is to "pay it forward", doing the same favor for a newer shooter once I became a "veteran". It's also the payment I suggest to those I bring into the sport, if one is offered.
For any of ya'll that ain't checked out Piney Woods' Place, ya need to get over there and look around.

Piney, I've really enjoyed your website over the last couple a years. Thanks for sharing all your hard work.

Butler Ford
Just got back from my second match. My mentors (husband and wife) had lent me everything the first time and the leather this time.
As I made contact today dropped off about 600 200 gr .45LC bullets that I had cast for them--I enjoy casting and this gives me a reason to keep doing it--I can only shoot so many of them at a time.
They hadn't asked for anything but it was the cowboy thing to do.
:D Well, Walt, how'd the match go? Did ya win first prize for havin the most fun? How did that new cart work out? If she rolls as good as she look's it aughta be pert ner self propelled!

What catagory ya shootin'?

Butler Ford
It was a blast!--pun intended. Got through them all and didn't shoot myself in the foot and anything like that. The posse was great--welcomed me in like a long lost brother. Helped too, when I had a brain fade during one stage. Had my share of misses but didn't shoot in the wrong order which, I am learning, is a big no-no. There is a whole scenaro that goes with each stage and you even have a line to say to start the show.
Different than USPSA when you can do some "figuring" in the way you want to shot the course. Neither is better or worse, just different.
Cart did fine. Turns out that I have enough room for a little cooler between the ammo box and the rifle rack. Or I can up my pistol bag there. Will need a bigger bag for collecting my empties as the 12 ga hulls really fill up my present one.
Get to go back tomorrow and shot again. Another piece of good news is the club lets all its members shoot free this week-end and I joined up today--so saved $15 right there--Took $51 to do it but heck it was free.
I would suggest to anyone out there to give CAS a try.
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Back when I started( four years ago) I read a suggestion that I followed.
I had been told that Cowboys were more than willing to share.

I bought a box quality .45 caliber cowboy ammunition (PMC I think).

I had not fired any gun for over 30 years so I did not attempt to shoot the match in spite of the fact that almost every shooter there offered me guns and ammo.
After the match a generous cowboy allowed me to shoot his 45 caliber revolvers. I used my ammo and made sure that the brass ended up in his bag.

A small thing for every one but I believe that it was accepted in the spirit intended.
I have a spare set of leather and mismatched revolvers along with a spare scatter gun that I always take to matches with me fer new shooters to try. (I have yet to aquire a spare lever gun so I share the one I have with any new guy) The only thing I want to get fer sharin em is to see the smile on the guys face!!!!

The shooting sports are not held in high esteem everywhere and anything I can do to get a new shooter involved is well worth the little bit it costs in ammo! In fact I know one CAS shooter who appears to be dedicated more to helping start new shooters, than he is to the game itself. He brings a whole truck load of guns, leather, and ammo to every match just to loan to youngsters! 8)
Hey Cuts,
think you hit on what CAS is all about for most people. Having fun and getting to shoot like the cowboys of old. When I went to my first one "to watch" everyone and I mean everyone wanted to loan me gear to shoot. Didn't take much arm twisting but there was a spirit there that I hadn't been around for a long time: people having one whale of a good time and wanting to share it.
My hope is this forum will let more people have more fun in CAS.
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