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coyotes in Michigans U.P

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:blaster: Seems most of the coyote stuff I read is all weighted to the western states. I want to start hunting them in the big woods of Michigans U.P I've seen some posts from some of you "Trolls" :) :p (that live below the bridge) from lower Mich. but how about any of you Yoopers. Must be someone out there who knows how to get em in the trees.
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I too live in the U.P. (Gwinn) and have been looking into getting out to thin the coyote population. I have seen quite a few this fall just driving back and forth to work but have not had the chance to go hunting for them yet. Picked up a .223 barrel for my contender and have it scoped, now working on putting together a homemade electronic caller.
The coyotes can be taken UP here. The big thing is to keep after them. You'll have more than a few empty stands, but if you keep at it, you'll connect. One thing to remember, is that the coyotes will tend to follow the migrating deer herd to the yards. This causes coyote sign to disappear in some areas during the winter. I learned this years back when I first started chasing predators. MI VHNTR
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