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Ya 'All Don't Have to dance

You don't have to always do the swish or the swivel to draw and shoot from the cross draw holster, providing the angle of the cross draw holster is not to extreme, that is the muzzle is not alreading breaking the 180 rule as it rests in your holster. Case in point strong side butt forward(right hand strong hand for this example) holster on the right side. Proceedure for the draw is to take the right hand lift the gun stright up out of the holster barrell pointing down, extend right arm forward with the barrell remaining pointing down when arm is extended past yourself, rotate right wrist clockwise to bring barrell on target, that way no one in cluding the shooter is "swept" by the business end of the barrell.

On the cross draw if the barrell is not breaking the 180/170 rule as it sits in the holster. take the right hand lift the gun stright up from the holster keeping the barrell pointing down, extend the right arm keeping the barrell point down until you clear youself, rotate your wrist clockwise to bring the barrell on target, again no one including the shooter is swept by the business end of the barrell.

I use this method at SASS matches, sometimes I have to explain and demenstrate that this technique meets the 180/170 rule. I got this info from the Cowboy Chronicle.

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