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Crossbows for deer????

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I've never hunted with a crossbow. Here in Tennessee they're illegal for deer unless you have a disability that prohibits you from drawing a bow. I don't think they should be prohibited for hunting but that's my opinion. For some reason I think I'd like to try hunting with one, perhaps because I never have and don't really know anyone who has. Anybody out there have any experience crossbow hunting experience??

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My 2 cents worth

I live in TN and hunt with a crossbow. They are very easy to shoot and very accurate. Scoped groups can be an inch at 30 yards. ( we have had one Horton shoot such a group with the aid of a cocking device.) Only draw back as far as I go is crossbows do not get the penetration like the big boys, but a standard target won't stop most arrows, a rag stuffed burlap bag will though. Lighter arrows and a max of 125gr heads are the norm suggested. I set up 2 crossbows this year, within 15 min, 45 yard 3 inch groups were got. Let me put it this way.....anyone who can shoot a gun can shoot a crossbow in less than 5 min. The shop I buy from reports that Dixie cups have been hit out to 75 yards, but because of light arrows, long shots at game are not suggested. In my hunting group, 4 of us have them and all of us are comfortable shooting at 50 yards. I used a recurve or a compound for 25 years, they have nothing but penetration on crossbows. 8)
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In TN ONLY disabled hunters can use a crosssbow and only if certified by a doctor as 50% or more disabled. This law is so our disabled brothers can hunt archery season with us when pulling a conventional bow cannot be pulled back. I for one am sure glad we have this law since after 20+ years of hunting with a bow I can no longer pull one back and a crossbow lets me still get out there with y'all.
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