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Cryo will not cure your bullets "walking" nor is it magic. I had a 6-284 cryo treated prior to my smith blueprinting the action and setting back the bbl.and rechambering it. The cryo made it machine better and helps with bbl life and cleaning. This is all I was looking for from the cryo treatment. I also use moly in all my varmint rifles because it also helps extend the interval between cleanings. Without the moly I had to clean one of my rifles every 20-25 rounds. With the moly I can shoot 70-80 rnds before the accuracy drops off. The idea that you have to re-lap the bbl to clean out the moly is rediculous. My rifles clean up in 15-20 min. tops using Kroil, Shooters choice and JB.

I suggest you save your money, as cryo won't fix a bad bbl. Check your bedding and your bench technique. Pay attention to placing the forend in the same spot on your bags, and how you hold it
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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