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Hello everyone.. Happy New Years..

I have an Encore with 15" Factory .243 Winchester and .260 Remington Barrels. The .243 Winchester is pretty much surplus since I started reloading for the .260 Rem. using 120 Nosler BT for Whitetails.

I love to tinker with different loads for the .260, but would like the ability to shoot more for less money by having the ability to shoot .22LR.

Question, do I buy a Bullberry custom .22LR barrel for the Encore, or a Contender in .22LR?

I know of a .22LR Contender w/ 10" Barrel for $325. I would need a scope base to top the rig off as I have a spare scope.

If I go for the Custom barrel, I get the same weight and trigger pull all the time. I think this is a plus.

If I do the Contender, I would not have to disturb my deer rig at all changing barrels etc. Do I sit out the wait for the infamous G2 Contender?
If I buy the Contender now, and the G2 does become a reality, then I have an obsolete frame, maybe worth less.

I don't think I can go too wrong with either decision, but want to make "The Best" right Decision.

I enjoy all the chatter back & forth between you regulars...

When I am on this machine, the wife says "Are you on Graybeard Again?" or words to that effect...
Any and all thoughts will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.. Rol

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Go the contender

you would have to do a conversion to use the encore frame. The contender will never be obsolete and the G2 may never happen in our lifetime. That is like saying the 30-06 is obsolete. The contender is a lot handier only problem is you won't be able to stop buying barrels.
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